Does anyone know of a Singer 107-1 sewing machine for sale?

I would like to invest in a sewing machine for sweatbands into full fur felt hats.  I've done some searching and I'm not having any luck.  I found an ASM 1107-1, clone of the Singer 107-1, but it's not a full unit and spare parts are not available.  Maybe you know somewhere I can look, someone to contact, or a direction I might need to go?  Thanks!

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Hey RJ Nikula, I have no indication of when your comment was posted (as it doesn't say on the forum) but I have a brand new ASM 1107-1 for sale. I purchased it in brand new condition, during the pandemic in hopes of taking up a new millinery hobby, perhaps a little adventurous as I have not had the chance to take this hobby on, due to work commitments. If you're interested please contact me at:

Regards, Laura Bailey

Is your ASM 1107-1 still available Laura?

@Isabellejosie - I sold it as of last week! Sorry. 


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