Have you had a customer ask, “Where do these ideas come from?" If she only knew I had drawn a blank how I should complete this style but thankfully I had an epiphany in the middle of the night!!
How do you note or sketch your millinery design ideas?

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Great stuff Bonnie! It is fun isn't it.
The thing about having a design book, is that you can see where your designs have come from, how the design process has evolved. Don't forget to add the odd date in here and there too. For some reason, I always leave the back few pages for any written notes, like suppliers or supplies, prices etc. same with the front page,or two, I leave those to write down any finished pieces names, as a track record of the range. Also any theme ideas that the range may sprout from.

I sketch my designs and note details of material colour on the sketch. 

Of course when I start making the piece it changes along the way.  I try and stay true to the sketch as much as possible :) 

Ani Choubouk - Millinery

I would love to be able to sketch the ideas i have, but when i try, its not at all what i was thinking ;) I would love it if there was a class offered to learn hat sketching

hey all!,  when i joined the millinery association of australia just end of last year there was an opportunity to learn illustration fashion with an amazing teacher by the name of Tracy Hogan and I absolutely loved it, i now sketch for my customers with a quote so there is an image as i know doing both bridal and racewear it is very hard for the customer to get the idea in their head without having images.   

I would recommend to go online and google classes - we did it on zoom so that was different but worked out well.  

:) happy sketching and millinery, x 


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