contract for commissions and copyrighting work

Hi milliners! 

do you use a contract for your commissions? and how do you make sure your hat designs are not being reproduced en masse?

I am dealing for the first time with a fashion designer that has given me a "rough shape", a piece of calico roughly pinned to resemble the shape of the hat wanted. 

I am guessing he is the designer and I am the maker, but he is thinking to factory reproduce the hat. Do i have any right on the product? 

and how do you make sure that your name appears with the hat when published on magazines or social medias?

is there a way to find templates for millinery specific contracts?

thank you for your help

have a lovely day!


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Yes Clarice you will need a contract & will need to be set up with a COMMERCIAL lawyer to ensure you get your rightful share of a royalty. Your designer lacks the technical skills to bring his idea to fruition and is using you to do this so if it is to be profitable for you a commercial contract is needed before you start. Get a quote from the lawyer firstly then figure out what is the capacity for sales through this designer 100 pieces or 1,000 pieces? Work out the % based on estimation of retail value of the piece. Then figure out if you get good return for the exercise. If so you need to have discussion with designer re need for royalty @ x% /item and need for Commercial Agreement = if he reacts to that you will know to back off. If he agrees and you can make a profit from it go ahead. Don't get caught up with the gratification of working with a designer if no $$ in it.  - E xx  


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