Hello ladies,

I am relatively new in the millinery world. I have been making hats for about 3 years (just for friends) but I would like to enter a competition.

Could anyone give me some "hints" on what is in vogue for 2016 or a website to explore please?

I am not sure if anyone is like me, but I have so many ideas going on I just can't decide wether I should make a traditional looking hat or go for a percher style!!!!!!! confused and frustrated lol

thank you for your time,


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I am late in responding, but I would encourage you to create a hat that is unique to your style and abilities, rather than trying to copy "what is in vogue."  What is in vogue has already been done. Be you.

For Ascot this year there is an obvious trend back to brims which must be 4" wide minimum. Different parts of world dictate different trends and in Australia we are seeing more perchers in Winter Race fashion, than hats. This will change as Fashion needs to keep moving in cycles to keep customers purchasing which is what we milliners like. As Bridget says create your unique look -very often what you love is what you are best at.   


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