Hot fashion tip for 2015 is to embrace the richness of the color Marsala. This deep earthy tone works well with pure pastels, white or the natural beauty of any shade of green. It will bring us back to Mother Nature and warm our heart and soul. Toast the colour of the Year with a glass of Italian marsala.

What do you think of the colour trend for this year? Would you use it / wear it?

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I have thought a lot about this since I saw the first postings on Marsala back in December.

My first reaction was 'yuk!' But since then I have warmed to it, and can see that used in conjunction with other contrasting colours it would be quite effective, but on its own - no.

So, yes, I would use it, and am interested to see if it's available in silk abaca as well as felt

I think of this as very much an autumn/winter shade and can't really see it during the warmer months except maybe as an accent. Flattering to many skin tones but still to me not a spring/summer shade.

Haven't yet tried to source in sinamay or parasisal but think it could maybe just work as a small summer cocktail with a lighter accent, perhaps toasted almond.....

I think that I like the idea of it on white, a mint green for a surprising contrast or even a yellow.


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