My shop's name is "Helen's Hatbox" but the name isn't particularly elegant and sound's "old ladyish".  I have had no repeat buyers and a very scattered client base, so I really don't have any client base to lose. My first name "Helen" sounds "old ladyish" too. My grandfather's grandmother's name was Sarah McFarland. She overcame quite a bit and was a pioneer woman who accomplished a great deal. What if I use her name? Sarah is a name that any age of woman can identify with and sounds 1000% more interesting than "Helen's Hatbox"

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As a Sara I support all Sara/'hs! :)  Have you watched the course about millinery businesses? She has really great info about branding and creating a look and style for business. 

I think business names and looks will vary a lot depending on where you are selling and to whom you are selling. I am based in the USA and my shop/branding is much different than those I see from overseas. In my area, a name in the business brands it as 'old'. I researched with my ideal customers just by asking everyone I knew in that demographic and then asking their friends. I showed a few pictures and items and names and asked what they liked and what made them want to know more.


Her first video has wonderful ideas. That is where I got the idea that the shop name change might be in order. I'm going to get rid of the bridal veils in my shop and focus on hats. A more sleek elegant look is what I'd like to have, have and I think a name change might help that.

Yes the videos are great but I made $1000 total last year. There is no way I could afford all of the marketing, legal and design assistance that she talks.about.

Another problem is that there is NO ONE I know that buys hats on a regular basis.. n fact, I've never actually seen a handmade hat other than my own.I think I make beautiful hats but there is no one in the Houston Texas area that wants to buy them (I've sold 2 mother of the bride hats here but that is all. 

I'm just at a loss of what I can do that costs very little  but can boost my sales.  I have watched 4 different people's sets of videos. Some have some of the same ideas but some even contradict each other.

Lots of ideas are swimming in my head butI don't have any way of bring most of those ideas to light.

It’s a problem we all have in the USA: trying to revive a lost industry. I would think in  the South you would have a market for church hats.

Also you might want to think about joining the milliner’s guild. They have a mentoring program for emerging milliners. Contact Laura Del Villaggio of Millistarr in Austin to see if it’s something useful for you. I’ve really found the mentorship to be very helpful.


Tatiana Millinery 

Boise, ID


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