Do your pets love your Studio as much as you do? Caught Sheba sitting in this hat keeping herself cosy & warm! What the clients do not know will not hurt them...

Caption this photo, make us laugh and win 10 meters of vintage swiss straw* that you can use for the new Swiss Straw Course!

*Worldwide postage included, competition ends 5/06/15

Ten metres of Swiss braid to Marion Lowe for her caption which brought a smile to our guest milliner/judge.

Hope this parcel heading to UK gives you a reason to smile also Marion. 
Thanks to all contributors who gave new meaning to this candid shot.- Hat Academy Team

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"My cat size is 7 1/8."

Hey there really is a cat in the hat. Does that mean there are green eggs and spam?

Get out??? But my furry little bottom fits so perfectly into the crown!

"Look into my are feeling a sudden urge to... go treats!

I thought you said it was a "cat block"!


 The Cat in the Hat :) of course 

This cat was made for blocking and that's just what I'll do

Well it is the Cat Academy isn't it????? You know us Meezers we are very clever. Cat chat!

Sheba responding to the 'aghast' look on the white dolly head on the left of the picture....."I thought you said this hat was to be fur lined!?"

I just noticed the dolly head. It is quite funny looking indeed. Elaine did you draw that face to make you laugh when your hat making day gets tedious

In my life as a milliner there have been pet invasions in my studio and also" pest" invasions - one of my kids thought they would surprise me by giving the dolly head the face lift !!!! =grrrrr


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