Best affordable vintage Singer sewing machine for felt hats

Hi everyone.

Please share your wisdom for this newbie hat maker but long time felter for what vintage affordable Singer sewing machine might be best as a first machine for felt hat making.  My modern machine has died on me (I think I killed it).  I’m specifically comparing Singer 15-90, 15K-88, 99K, 66 and 221 featherweight machines.  Or I may get a heavy machine for home use and eventually a featherweight for carting to craft fairs.   Those are what seem available to me.  Thank you.

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Best advice on machines is as you mentioned an older not computerised machine, to deal with thickness of felt & wiring. Some great suggestions from many milliners here which may give you some direction. Best wishes for your business in Alaska as your felt hats must be a winner in the chilly climate. - Elaine  

I love vintage sewing machines, I had a great collection of it. also, I enjoy the sewing machine makeover as it is fun, amazing yet simple. in the straight stitch category, I have a collection of zigzag stitch selector, singer 66 sewing machine, and Cam Stack Inside Sewing Machine. keeping the difficulties of finding spare parts and replacements aside vintage machines are the best portable sewing machines that give a top-notch performance and outshine the newer models except for upgrades.


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