What do you think is going to be 'hot' for autumn? Will the return of Downton Abbey see the cloche return with a vengeance? Or is the Fedora round the corner???

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Quite simply stunning!!!

Hi! the icon is next to the link icon if you haven't found it and if its on this messaging area. 



I was talking to a boutique shop owner today. She said all the winter cloche hats sold like hotcakes. She said even people who had never bought a hat before, bought one. She said the influence of TV shows, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Downton Abbey had made them hugely popular. This was the shop where I took the Pic and posted it on here earlier this week. All the cloches in that shot have been sold.,I hope this helps!
Yes definitely thank you Carena! :-) I have a couple of cloches in a local boutique, so hopefully as soon as our 'hot' weather spells have finished there'll be more sales?? I do love the cloche though, (however, they really don't suit me personally :-( )

Thank you for the information Carena.  I am going to be blocking all weekend to get some cloches ready to open my boutique in a weeks time.

Just had a Fedora block made and now having a tipper made I hope that this will make it easier to get the good shape in the crown.  I love these.  I used to wear one about 25 years ago and I have sold a couple. The ladies say that the Fedora make them feel sexy and mysterious.

They do have to wear the Fedora on an angle to get the correct look. 

I would love a fedora block, but will make a few more cloches first:-)

The fedora block that I have I bought from Hat Blocks Direct and the price is very good.  You can buy a brim and tipper to go with it.  I found that the brim was great with a string groove, it made the edge very sharp. 

Hi Shelagh! Yes I got my cloche set from James at Hat Blocks Direct! Will have a look at the fedoras, but not let my hubby know:-):-)

I know what you mean I get carried away with blocks, silk and sinamay.  Then sit for days wondering what to do first then time passes and I haven't done anything. I feel that I have been a permanent  student.  I love making flowers just bought the lessons on French flower making to extend my knowledge. I think if I had a husband I would have been divorced more than one. LOL  Just going to put feathers and crystals on to some small fascinators I have made from left over sinamay I have made about 25.  I will sell these at a fair to get some money back, so I can buy more materials.

Have you thought about what price to put on fascinators and cocktail hats? I thought around $75??????


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