What do you think is going to be 'hot' for autumn? Will the return of Downton Abbey see the cloche return with a vengeance? Or is the Fedora round the corner???

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Any thoughts...anyone????
Well it's nearly spring in Australia and I noticed quite a few felt cloche hats in local stores, plus in the neighbouring town, in autumn colours, burnt orange, maroon, red and mustard. I think they look stunning.
Wow, that's interesting Carena! Glad to see the cloche is 'hot' even in springtime! I've just gotten myself a couple of burnt orange felt hoods to do a cloche with:-)
I actually have a couple of store front pics taken on Saturday if I'm allowed to share them. Maybe in a message?
Yes please would love to see!!! :-):-)

I second that!  Please post.  Here in the US, we will be going into cooler temps with fall and winter on the horizon.  I am blocking hats for an art fair the end of September, so working mostly with felts.

How do I add pics in here on the discussion page? Or do I have to post pics in the photos?

I have made this cloche as a sample to show customer.  Ladies like them but are not sure if they would wear them.

We just need a few celebrities to start wearing them or more magazines to promote them.

This is a beautiful hat,the trim is very pretty and the hand stitching so precise. I have had one request for light grey cloche, possibly as a result of wearing one last winter. A cloche works better here in Canada providing more warmth,with our cool Autumn and colder Winter, that is a main factor.

Thank you Catherine.  I am going to make a few cloches and also some fedoras. Reading the discussions I have decided to go for it. I hope they do well in the boutique I am opening in the next 2 weeks.  Shelagh

Carena,  just go to the reply box and look for the pic icon.  It is on the left side right next to the video icon.

Can't see the icon. I posted pics the other day. They should be in the new pics page.


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