Hi I was wondering if someone can help me I am doing percher hats but the wire in lesson says gauge size 14 -19 is that Australian size if so does anyone know what size I need for uk as I bought uk 16 gauge cotton covered copper wire for millnery and seems not very strong for a headband even when doubled does anyone have any ideas and if so where can I purchase wire from in the U.K. Please

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Parkin Fabrics in the UK has millinery wire.  I've used 16 gauge wire for the percher hat and it was fine.  Not sure if there is a difference between Australian wire and UK wire.  I'm American.  Here's the link to Parkin: https://www.parkinfabrics.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=1&... 

Perhaps call them up before purchasing.  Just make sure it's not steel wire that doesn't bend. Hope this helps. 

Thanks Tracy will give it a go

Hi Jayne

I found this when I was searching for wire, it says its 2mm wide like the 14 guage on House of Adorn. Probably best to contact them first, as I didn't order it. I have found finding wire not that easy if House of Adorn are sold out.  I have also used Petershams a UK site for 16 gauge wire that House of Adorn didn't have.  Do House of Adorn ship to the UK? I live in New Zealand and I have been sourcing what I need worldwide.



Kind Regards Janet

Yes they ship to uk but can work out to be quite exspensive so was hoping for someone in uk had some from uk but not strong enough thanks for reply

Hi Jayne. I use Baxter and Hart. They have a very stiff wire and a lighter one. Also Petershams have a range of wire in different weights. Hope this helps.


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