Hello Milliners!

I'd like to ask you for some advice. 

I was recently invited to compete for the Millinery Award at the Melbourne Cup and I'd like to get some opinions before I make my decision. Travelling to Australia will be very, very expensive (not to mention the cost of being there, hiring a model and dressing and styling her) so I want to try and make sure it will be worth it for me. The reason I want our brand to go is for exposure, we have been trying very hard to get attention through various means and we're hoping a competition will help us in that way. 

Have any of you competed? Do you think an international milliner even has a shot at placing? Is this like so many competitions where politics are involved and it has a lot to do with who you know and how many times you've competed before? 

We are also thinking of just sending a young woman who works in the studio to be our model, she is not a model, she helps to make the hats, do you think this is a mistake? Would it be a mistake for me not to go (two tickets to Australia is a lot of money for us).

If we do go we will try and visit all of the lovely shops there we have read so much about online! It would be wonderful to finally meet some other milliners. 

Thank you for any advice!

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I think it is a opportunity. In Australia there is a large consumption of hats. I would not think twice.

Check this Video from 2013. http://hatacademy.com/video/fashions-on-the-field-millinery-award-1

For Anis from Sydney her laser cut work wowed all and brought her style to the world. (white piece at the end of this video) Innovative creations always catch the judges attention. Much preparation is involved as it is a head to toe look. The Millinery Award  Competition is on Oaks Day (Thursday after Cup Day which is on the first Tuesday of November) Wonderful news you have received an invite. If you do decide to come I will try and connect you with some of top milliners in HatAcademy who will be there.    

Thank you Elaine, I would love to meet other mil

Although i have not entered in the Millinery Award yet myself as each year i have simply run out of time! I would highly encourage you to take the opportunity as not only is it an incredible credit to your brand but it is also a fantastic opportunity to expose yourself to an entirely different world of millinery. 

If you were to attend the Melbourne Cup carnival i can most certainly assure you that you will be exposed to the most fabulous array of inspirational colour, shapes, styles and creative techniques as developed by some of the worlds leading milliners, not to mention the atmosphere which is truly electric. 

Oaks Day is the crowning glory of racing Fashion in the Australian racing calendar just being there is a visual feast and provides endless inspiration. 

There are also many contacts you can gain from attending these events not to mention the social media content your business can utilise that your clients and potential clients will really find intriguing and hopefully help you reach more people. 

I know that it is quite an expense however I do hope you consider it seriously, Australia would love to see your millinery.

Whoops! I see my last reply didn't go through!

Unfortunately we have decided that it is just too high a cost for us to travel to Australia this November. We are, however, making a plan to go next year. It looks too amazing! We are very isolated here and simply the ability to meet and talk with other milliners would be a delightful.

Thank you for your thoughtful responses, I will keep them in mind for the future!


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