I've been researching a few options to try and get my new website out there in the eye of new customers in Australia.

I'd love to know how you advertise or sell your items online. I've been somewhat deterred as it's not always something I'd like to have to pay for. But as with all things you have to spend money to make money I guess.

Do you use websites such as RacingFashion.com that host your image for a fee?

Do instagram competitions work?

Have you used facebook advertising?

What works for you? What should I steer clear of?

I'd just like to build awareness of my website so that people can view what I have to offer and know I am there in the online 'ether'.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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I try to work with stylists and photographers who will usually try to push the images for publication, then I ask for a credit which leads people to my website. I also have put my images on a lot of social networking sites and sites for creatives, such as twitter, facebook, purpleport, etc I am always getting creatives asking me to photoshoots, a lot of this work is unpaid but if you can get your name out there without having to spend on marketing it is all good, if you have made something it is better to get it out there than gathering dust on the shelf somewhere. 

It depends where you see your hats going I guess, for me I could have approached local boutiques and sold that way as I did have some interest but I wanted my hats to be known in London so have concentrated in trying to get into editorials. I have also contacted people doing fashion shows, so that way I get exposure.

I hope this helps? All the best


I live near the University of Idaho and they have the best farmer's market in the state every Saturday.  They are always looking for something unique.  I plan on getting a booth this year.  That will open up my market to people of all income levels, as well as people from all over the world.


I suggest opening a small ETSY shop to market your creations..  ETSY is where one goes to find the unusual and unique....prices from moderate to high end....in the world.

Your Farmers Market idea will probably be a fun experience, especially if you WEAR one of your creations. Remember not to measure your success by number of sales...your interest, at this point, will be sharing  your creations and to show how much fun wearing a hat can be. 


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