Abaca Silk Fabric

On Hat Headlines Newsletter there was mention made of Abaca silk (carried at The Feather Shop).  Has anyone every used this fabric?   

Is the weave smaller than Sinamay?  Can you use a single layer (rather than doubling it like Sinamay)?  Is it smoother than Sinamay?  Is it as easy to use as Sinamay?  

Of course my only point of reference is Sinamay (need to broaden my horizons).  

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.  :)



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I love working with silk abaca. I saw so many pictures of its use by Australian milliners that I was hooked and bought some myself when out in Australia in March. I brought back 8 x 1/2 metre pieces in different colours. Have only had time to make my first one using three shades of oranges and fixed to a handblocked dark orange sinamay pillbox. Style name 'CLEMENTINA'


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