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I am preparing for my first photo shoot this weekend at my studio! :)  I have been so focused on finishing hats that I realize I haven't really got a plan or list of questions to ask.  This first session is going to be informal and we will be planning the next shoot with models, hairdresser, etc.  I have several head blocks; display pieces and my new vintage display head, who will be modeling this time. I don't want to go into this so un-prepared.  Can you please share with me what to expect or some things I should be discussing with him?  Because I don't know what to expect, I would appreciate any advice, ideas, or topics that should be covered.  Thank you in advance. 


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Some ideas here and here...

Thank you for your response.  I have enjoyed looking back at older hat chats, but missed both of those! 

Shoot outdoors if possible with some diffused light. Natural light will always give you the best to play with during editing.
Use appropriate props to help convey a look or feel. Use lifts and levels three objects at varying heights with your hat as the star should work nicely.
Don't forget close up detail shots that show your hard work.
We also like to use a mirror to show varying angles at once.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Wonderful advice, I love the use of mirrors that i have seen in some of your photos.  Loved the Valentine themed hats also!  The shoot was delayed yet again due to another snow storm, but will be happening soon.  Dreaming of being able to shoot outdoors ;)


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