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Sandra Stewart said…

Thank You for adding me!

Bronnie G Millinery said…
Thank you for information regarding the head size for hat block, I am fairly certain I need 23
Michelle PG Richardson said…


Well, I can totally see why you're so popular so fast.  What a wonderful place.  I could get lost in here.  And you're absolutely correct!  Those skills could be gone forever, sadly, so thank you in advance from everyone for sharing.

Juls Hart said…

Thank you for your lovely comments Elaine. Your website is amazing - so much information and so many resources. Thank you! Juls

Sophie Beale said…

Thanks so much for your support Elaine, it's really kind of yo to take the time to write personally to me and feature my piece on here. It's a real pleasure being part of your site and discovering all the fab things you feature! Best wishes, Sophie.

Flaxscinator Designs said…

Thanks, Im so glad I was linked up on  etsy, I have been looking for a community like this. eager to share more as my creations develop.

Carla S Fox said…

Thank you, Elaine! I look forward to exploring this site and learning all I can to better my hat making skills.  I'm thrilled to be here!  


Dianne Barbour said…

Hi Elaine

Thank you for your email today. I didn't expect so much reaction for the hat I made winning the Millinery Award at one of our local race meetings. I got a bit nervous last night looking at face book and seeing the reaction.

I am very lucky to have a gorgeous client like Julieanne who promotes us Wagga Wagga Milliners at every opportunity.

I have posted two photos it they are not suitable, let me know and I will copy Julieanne's photo from my facebook page, at the moment it is not working properly. (There is already a copy of the hat on your page if you would like to use it)


Dianne Barbour

Robyn Chirio said…

Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your warm welcome and Thank you for this website, it is fantastic and obviously a lot of hard work and time has gone into this, and I thank you for it.  We can never know it all in millinery and the lessons I have purchased have already taught me something new.  Its good to connect with like minded people too.  Well done Elaine, I wish you every success in this.

 I am an embroider as well so I'm incorporating that into my millinery too occasionally and hopefully I can make some money along the way.

Look forward to doing the lessons!!

Kind Regards,


Louise Marry said…

Hi Elaine, really enjoying the classes!!! Awesome! Yes I would love a hat block. Do you sell anything else like buckram, sinamay? Hard to get anything up here! I the quality of product isnt that grwat either!

kerry McAuliffe said…

Hi Elaine thank you so much for your nice comments and the fab lesson on pillboxes as i have only started out in Sept and self taught so far i have a million and one questions and i really dont know where to start but im sure once i get sorted i will be back to you with number one question of the million xxxx

thanks kerry

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