After difficult eras in history, fashion saw a return to opulence and such was the result in Millinery fashion. The Great Depression with 20% unemployed in early 1930's  was showing signs of recovery by the mid 1930's  These hat styles display a fresh appeal brightened with blooms. We attribute the French for bringing artificial flowers to the world but it started in 12th century in Italy using fine silks, Crepe Gauze and velvet The French soon mastered the Italian techniques but knew how to commercialise artificial flowers in the 14th Century. By the 1920's Florists started to include artificial flowers to augment floral displays especially during off season for certain types. The Blooms in this clip portrayed a freshness after a period of survival on clothing coupons.

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Tags: vintage millinery

Elsie Collins

Fabulous hats, but I must say, the tongue in cheek narrative was almost more amusing!!!

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