Amanda G. Joyner of Chef Bizzaro Millinery combines her creativity, sense of humour and sci-fi powers into a new series of custom pieces. Inspired by characters from Star Wars, these pieces are perfect for hitting the next Comic-Con or costume party in style! Complete with detachable bow to add a touch of ladylike class.

The Cocktail Hat is blocked in buckram over a wooden form then covered in merino wool felt and wired. Created with no patterns Amanda has cut all the pieces out and hand sewn each. They are an original twist on the classic icons. With Disney recently taking over LucasFilms perhaps Amandas next creation will be Yoda with Mickey Mouse ears.

Although Wookie fur based felt would have have been a superior material option for C-3PO, Unfortunatly Toydarian merchants where out of stock at the time of the hat make.  
The infamous robot R2-D2 now a style icon, Princess Leah would defiantly drop the cinnamon bun hairstyle in favour for the droid head piece.
The villainous Boba Fett gets a softie make over, no doubt the bow accessory provides extra aerial reception for the bounty hunter.
Bonus: Keeping in the Sci-Fi theme Amanda has also created the Tardis from Dr. Who. In the TV series the interior of a Tardis is much larger than its exterior, so despite the small appearance of the hat, one size fits all.

Which is your favorite, tell us below? View full gallery.

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