Sara Snood's 365 Day Daily Different Headgear Challenge campaign is all about hats! So we love it and more importantly it's also all about cancer awareness for both men and women, so we love it even more!

Through the struggles of her own cancer journey, this brave woman has created awareness, raised over £14,000 for the Macmillan Cancer Center and brought joy to many people struggling with this unrelenting illness. With the help of milliners and supporters around the world, Sara Snood has done this through her delightful bites of humour, hats and her beautiful radiant smile.

When Sara found out, devastated at the thought of losing her gorgeous golden locks, she decided to take matters into her own hands and shave it before the chemo took hold. With that she was left with a very bald head, a cancer to eliminate and a cause to fight for. By embracing her newly bald head and adorning it with an assortment of her own topper creations (and posting a picture every day on social media), Sara was able to put a positive spin on her illness and have something to help her look forward and stay focused, day after day. Her following started to increase rapidly and she be began to be approached by milliners wanting either donate or lend her one of their hats.

Below are some fabulous examples of headwear that has been donated by some of our very own Hat Academy members to help Sara's campaign. Sara hopes to auction the headpieces off at the end of her challenge to help raise more money for the Macmillan Cancer Center to help those fighting against Cancer.

Marie-Clare Ferguson Millinery
This vivacious headress is sure to capture any onlooker's attention with the beautiful sleek black feathers radiating from a leopard print base.

Sally Harper, Sharper Millinery
This gorgeous design featuring stung peacock eyes was auctioned off and money and has been donated to Sara's cause already.

Beverley Edmonson Millinery
This stunning hat features an array of beige toned feathers from peacock eyes to pheasant tails we love the unusual shape of the base and the sweeping line created by the feathers.

Mind your Bonce
Recently we featured this snappy little brown cap and we are thrilled to see it again on Sara's head! It would be the perfect winter warmer with that luxurious velvety finish.

Philip Treacy
Sarah Says, "I noticed that Philip Treacy had liked one of my photos, I decided to contact him to see if he would lend me a hat, and to my amazement he said yes! As you can imagine I was utterly delighted and honoured to wear one of his masterpieces." We're not surprised that you were excited, it looks gorgeous!

La Dame Au Baret
This beautiful piece was named Sandrine, in memory of the milliner Myriam's cousin who sadly died from a brain tumour. We love that such a beautiful headpiece can have such a strong meaning, we are sure that Myriams cousin would have adored it.

Amanda Gareis
This cute little rabbit headpiece was especially designed for sara's challenge by milliner Amanda Gareis. We love it's quirkiness and we think it's just perfect on Sara's head. 

Carrie Jenkinson
Milliner Carrie Jenkinson was the creator of this edgy little number covered in silver studs. We love the simplicity of this piece yet the attention to detail lets it really pack a punch!

Atelier Millinery
This patriotic little button hat is a simple yet effective design. We love the design and it looks as though Sara is pretty proud to be wearing it!

Sara Snood
This card creation is actually one of Sara's favourites! "I loved making it. My partner and step daughter while away many hours playing cards, so I guess in some way that one was dedicated to them."

"My hope throughout is that someone, somewhere, is checking her Breasts, having a fondle every day. Making a note of what their breasts feel like, so in the event of a lump rearing its ugly head, theyll know that something is not quite right and go straight to their GP. Because if that lump does turn out to be cancer, the earlier its found the more chance well of kicking the living daylights of it."

If you would like to donate to the cause or help in any way please visit

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