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Kristin Silverman

How does this differ from the previous mega bundle of courses? It's labelled as new, but I thought this or something like it existed before....

Haven't bought any courses yet, but I do want to eventually, once I can either save up money for the whole big bundle or make choices on individual courses. ;)

Elaine Mergard

Hi Kristin, Renamed the Course for those asking for a Certificate of Completion - Kickstarter did not define actual qualification in millinery so we chose the title 'Millinery Essentials Course'. Always admire your perfect finish Kristin especially your felt hats. With 40% discount this will help all who want to get started. Two free lessons included also as I'm often asked about different linings for different styles & I want all students especially beginners to know how to use the blocks they can initially afford to the max - I struggled to build up my block styles as a young mum of 4 on a tight budget. We have supplementary modules in some of lessons to address questions often asked e.g. - how do I stiffen sinamay as quality varies around the world or how do I finish off felt edge with no wire ? ++ Great to have suppliers give free shipping from Australia as well. Happy Hatting - Elaine 

Kristin Silverman

That all totally makes sense, thanks!

At some point, I think I'd like to get the full bundle, even though I'm not an absolute beginner because I'm sure I could still find value in even the early lessons. :) 

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