Using leather to make flower crowns will add a touch of luxury to your new headwear collection. This style is much in demand as they are lightweight and easy to wear. Your tutor, Rebecca Share gives detailed instruction on how to make these statement pieces using time effective methods. Add a halo to make a stand alone piece for a Fashion on the Field event this season.
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I absolutely LOVE this course! I was able to make the crowns easily. THEN I decided to add some flower centres I learned in the BRIDAL lessons and voila! A beautiful and delicate halo crown with gorgeous beading! There are so many little trinkets you could add for your flower centre available in the bargain stores, the choice is  endless. Rebecca is ultra organised and her lessons flow smoothly, she also explains everything fully and explains why she does certain things which makes it very easy to understand. I can't wait to wear my creation to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year! I cannot wait to see what Rebecca does next!

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