Another stylish and deliciously decadent hat in shades of pink for the women of today created by Geelong milliner, Rebecca Share. Worn and loved by high-profile celebrities and prominent racing identities, Rebecca’s hats have also been award-winners at Fashions on the Field events around the world. Drawn into millinery through her love of Fashion Rebecca has been a serious milliner for 15 years after graduating from Melbourne School of Millinery. Have a colourful Spring season Rebecca.
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marge crunkleton

Rebecca....I love the redish hat you have created and all the sassy feathers on it going every which way.  It is really great.... looks like a fun hat to wear.

Unfortunately, I am NOT a milliner...I am a mannequin head maker (21 different ones.  

Cessiah's millinery is modeling just one of them. I am really enjoying Hat Academy....and viewing all you talented milliners.  Thanks for sharing your talents.

Lindsay Conroy

Hi just wondering what you used at the beginning was it a stem shape i.e. somic 

or a back rum base and the pink what type of fabric is that   - sorry just starting was wondering 

what to used first - limited budget

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