When... and if we get a spare hour or two to sit back and relax who doesn't love to pick up a good book and have a read! Especially when it's about Millinery. Here we look at a few wonderful books sure tempt and satisfy the Milliner in all of us.

HATS Status Style and Glamour
By Colin McDowell

This is a fabulous book which gives an overview into the history of hats from the fashions throughout the years to the production of hats and how it has changed through the years.

1,000 Hats
By Norma Shephard

A compliation of hats from the 1790's to the 1970's features a multitude of hat styles from nurses hats and pillboxes to bonnets and berets!

Howl's Moving Castle
By Diana Wynne Jones

This might be a young Adult fantasy novel however this book is sure to enchant any millinery loving person! This fantasy novel is a young milliner who finds herself under an evil spell and her quest to break the enchantment and find herself along the way.

Hats: An Anthology
By Stephen Jones, Cullen Oriole, Oriole Cullen

A celebration of hats from around the world collated by Stephen Jones and The V&A Museum. This book explores a number of iconic hats through time, in particular the resurgence of millinery in the 1980's and is aimed at celebrating the universal appeal and delight of hat wearing.

Fashion and Flemington
By Emily Power

Fashion and Flemington is a celebration of the fashion and fanfare that has existed over the last 50 years at the home to the Spring Racing Carnival: Flemington Racecourse.

50 hats that changed the world
By Design museum Enterprise

This gorgeous book is a historical account of 50 fabulous hats that have influences the millinery and fashion landscape we have come to know and love. The book offers pictures and descriptions of the hats and the designers who brought them to life.

Audrey Hepbourne in hats
By June Marsh

Audrey Hepbourn is one of the most iconic Stars of the silver screen and she was rarely spotted without her signature accessory: a Hat. This book is a celebration of her eternal style with images of her hats and gowns worn throughout her career.

Couture hats
By Louis Bou

Beautifully put together book containing images from of the worlds most renown milliners from the outlandish to the well refined. With the foreward by Stephen Jones, it is a must read book for any milliner!

Women: Lillian Bassman
By Deborah solomon

Compilation of unseen and famous images taken by revolutionary fashion photographer Lillian Bassman. This compilation of images is based around her fashion photography in the 1950's and there are plenty of beautiful millinery images to satisfy your millinery cravings.

Hats in vogue: since 1910
By Christina Probert

A snap shot into the hats featured by Vogue from 2010 till the 1980's. This book gives a fantastic look into hats in fashion through the eyes of the iconic Magazine publication, Vogue.

» What are your favourite millinery reads?

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