Having already competed at the national level for Fasions On The Field, Queensland's Lauren Walker is cool, clam and collected in the lead up to this years Myer National FOTF competition at Crown Oaks Day in November. Lauren's love of fashion has inspired her outfits since she started entering many years ago and has lead to her mother becoming a milliner and her owning a clothing boutique. Here we chat with Lauren to find out why she loves FOTF.  

1. What made you get into FOTF?
I was doing a three year advance Diploma of Fashion at Tafe and I thought that competing in FOTF would be a good way of showcasing my designs. Because of my interest in competing, my Mum started learning millinery so that she should help me with my outfits.  

2. What has been your greatest experience so far?
Winning the QLD national finals two different years, 2007 and 2015 making the national finals twice is a great honour and it is quite rare. The prizes are fantastic and the competition is at the highest level. Going to Melbourne to compete is a once in a life time opportunity - I am very lucky to get to do it again! 

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Catwalks in Europe and current fashion trends. Instagram is a great source for new fashion inspiration, it is where i discovered the brand Clover Canyon which I wore when I won the QLD state FOTF competition. When traveling to Europe for fashion buying trips I see a lot of the trends which haven't hit Australia yet, so I try to pay attention to what is on trend ahead of time.

4. Who is your favourite milliner? 
My mum, we work as a team! We sit down together and work on the designs, I have the ideas and she does the creating. When I bought my clothing store Joli Boutique 8 years ago, I suggested that she put them in my store and we have been working together since then.

5. What trends are you predicting big this year?
Ballerina length Midi dresses with collars. In Millinery I feel as though there are going to be a lot of sculptural millinery and lace pieces like crowns ect. 
6. What do you like or dislike seeing on Fashions on the field?
When people are dressing the same, I like being individual and not wearing what everyone else is. Bad millinery, if you are entering FOTF must have a piece of unique millinery.
When people make an effort to follow the rules, wearing hosiery and gloves in winter etc. 

7. What is something you would like milliners know about FOTF and the headwear they create for you?
If someone is entering FOTF their millinershould be a one off. Make sure they have a point of difference so that there is no chance that someone will be wearing the same thing as them. Comfort is very important, remember that they will be wearing it all day! 

8. What is your favourite outfit you have worn to FOTF?
The outfit I won Stradbroke Day 2013 in .It had a punk look inspired from the MET ball theme that year. I won a trip to Hong Kong!!

9. What is the best thing about competing in FOTF?
For me it is the fun of creating my looks with mum. But I have to say nothing beats that winning feeling!! 

10. Advice for budding FOTF entrants?
Research what has won previously to see what the standard is, follow the style given, most competitions have a what to wear guide. Put your own spin on it. Have an outstanding piece of millinery!

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