Two of our Hat Academy members attended the 20th anniversary Dubai World Cup and had a memorable time there last week.

Australian Milliner, Ana Pribylova flew from Cairns for her debut visit to Dubai. She was in transit for 24 hours but it was worth it all. What an experience it turned out to be. Ana’s stunningly innovative spindle hat was one of the top ten ‘Most Creative Hat Award’ entries. This really excited Ana but there were more surprises to come. When her name was called out as the Jaguar Style Stakes ‘Longines Most Elegant Lady’ the paparazzi went snap happy and Ana has been sparkling since!

Another Hat Academy student, Hong Kong Milliner Noeleen Kish finally had the opportunity to attend the Dubai races for her 40th Birthday. As a keen follower of fashion and Millinery trends, Noeleen knew that Dubai has always been the place to be and a go-to event on the racing calendar.

Noeleen writes, “ I have followed fashions on the field in Dubai from afar for many years. This year I was delighted to not only attend the event but also make hats for some lovely ladies going to the race. To me, Dubai is in a category of its own as one of the most glamorous events for racing fashion in the racing season. I spent three full days perfecting my own creation using skills learnt from Hat Academy Lace Headpiece and French Flower Courses. I added my own twist and spin on techniques learnt to finally create a glamorous fuchsia silk percher hat with lace resembling roots from a tree. I trimmed the hat with guipure lace flowers and silk petalled roses. To tie the look together I customised a clutch bag with the same lace used in the hat and flowers.”

"I jetted off to Dubai still in search of the perfect dress and shoes. A decision was made to enter into the Jaguar Style Stakes as my clients were too shy to go on stage and’ Noeleen Millinery’ needed to be represented in some way. Jaguar Style judges provide a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to selecting your outfit and I was keen to take on board the judges tips about dress length and "what not to wear". The Jaguar Style Stakes at the Dubai Races are all about sophistication, glamour and spring trends. After a lengthy walk around Dubai Mall the biggest Mall in the World, I found a white knee length dress. It was spot on when it came to the judges criteria. The accessories were to be front and centre. After searching high and low for shoes I decided to rest my weary feet and have a coffee. Shortly afterwards my Husband came back to announce he had found the most perfect pair of fuchsia pink stiletto shoes. What a relief!! When I saw the shoes it looked like they had been made specifically to match the hat and the added bonus was they were handcrafted too. The hat, the bag, the shoes. The perfect trio! And so it was!”

“I entered into ‘Best Hat' category and was thrilled to place in the final eight. What an honor it was to be up on stage wearing my own hat design showcasing my own work. I have been making hats for about five years now. I can see my own signature style come through in my hat designs. Getting into the final 8 for best hat in Dubai and winning the Longines most elegant lady at the Longines International races in Hong Kong in November has made it a remarkable 6 Months. If you find your passion and love what you do it changes everything. Just like anything in life, the more you practice the better you get. Thanks Hat Academy for making it possible to learn the beautiful art of Millinery”

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Лариса гнатюк


Bonnie Blanchard

This was just the most perfect article to read to bolster myself into making MORE!!! I, too, have been following the French Flower and Cocktail hat courses and find my skills improving each time I sit down to work. And an added thrill is being able to think outside the box, once the skills turn "second nature"! For these lessons and articles like Ana's, I am grateful. Ana's work is inspirational to me, and congratulations to her for stepping out front and taking a chance.   One of these days I will make a post of my very first block cocktail hat that is a work in progress at the moment! I am constantly referring back to the videos!!! Just when you think you've got it...why something else is missing..back to the video!! And the Ah HA moment strikes again!!

I am so grateful! Thanks Hat Academy.

Ana pribylova

thankyou Bonnie for your kind words.....

I often see things in everyday life and want to make it into hats. Im sure a  lot of you all have the same illness :)   I get asked how I even thought of such a design. It just came out from what I had around me, and I wanted to make the material work for me. I had those spikes in my mind for months and I just didn't know what I could use to make such a  piece that would be light enough.... I also love looking up crafts on pinterest and looking at how I can incorporate new techniques into my own work to make my hats look interesting. :) 

When I first wore my outfit at Magic Millions, I got so many comments, and I loved my dress so much that I wanted to wear it again, but I also thought that its kinda a lady taboo to wear things again,  being caught in the same dress twice.... but I got some great advice on hat academy -just because you wore it to one raceday and didn't get anywhere, doesn't mean you can't try another raceday" .. So I did, I thought the design was too good to not bring out again! 

I am still recovering from my jetlag in Dubai, and the hours I spent in 3 different time zones, because I only had enough money to buy the cheapest ticket which was also the longest route...... but it was worth it :) I am so proud of the recognition I have received, I feel amazing that I was able to achieve it on an international arena! 

thankyou Elaine and Hatacademy, your support from all other milliners have been much appreciated along my Millinery journey, and certainly all the tricks and twists I have learned along the way, I couldn't have done it without you! 

See you at Ascot ;) 


Carlie Michael
Wow, beautiful hats ladies! It's so inspiring to see the work of such talented milliners.
Nono Kish

Hi Ana 

I can't believe you were actually standing right next to me and I never had the chance to meet you. You looked absolutely fabulous and your win was well deserved. I will make sure to say hello if I see you at another event. All the best 


Ana pribylova

Hi Noelene! were you in the pink and white? I can't believe it either, but I also tried to slide away after all the fuss..... my feet felt like they were going to burst out of my shoes..... when is your next race day? are you in Oz? 

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