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Vintage style

Vintage 1950s Hat Styles were worn by movie star Doris Day -a fun loving Actress as her movies were often romantic comedies. Most of these hats are made from Swiss Straw excluding the Cloche felt Hat.

All the hats sat up on the head whereas today they sit down closer to the face and very often forward on brow. Have a browse at her most famous onscreen hats…


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Felt Hat making

Felt Hat making is one of my Favourites but living in Sub Tropical Australia limits the demand. I love how steaming the felt allows it to become as pliable as children's Play dough.This is because Felt is a mass of wool and/or fur. It is not woven so it has no resistance to pull & push techniques. The Felt Hood in unblocked form has been pressed and manipulated in a centuries-old…


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