The Millinery Award catwalk at Oaks Day in Melbourne this year was brimming with innovative styling and techniques. Explore the winning entries and the breathtaking millinery by Hat Academy tutors.

Congratulations 2018 Millinery Award winners! L-R 2nd Angie Jackman, 1st Rebecca Share, 3rd Amelda Millinery.

An excited Rebecca Share...

And her winning creation!

Congrats to runner up Angie Jackman!

Amelda Millinery celebrates in third place!

Louise Macdonald's creative entry in the top 10 finalists.
Photo: @thehatmagazine

Jane Stoddart's vintage inspired piece also makes the finals.

Signature leather hibiscus was made as a headpiece by Galina Kofod.

Days of feather dyeing and cutting, curling and wiring went into this marvel from Ian Bennett.

Behind the scenes... backstage nerves!

» Explore all our talented millinery tutors.


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