Originally my studio was a portion of the family room with clutter for all to see and constant interruptions. When my first child moved out of home I took over the bed room as my studio. To create storage I purchased a renovators old kitchen. The bench works well for my workspace and plenty of cupboards for storage.

What's your millinery studio look like? How do you manage your work and storage space?

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my studio is rather "bijoux" but I love it!

"The new Aoife Kirwan Millinery studio is finally finished. I now have a place where customers can come to view the collection or meet for a consultation for a custom order." 
» Take a look

My husband and I no longer have people living with us so I converted the larger of the spare bedrooms into a studio space but had to compromise and share it with him as a bit of office space also (printer/filing cabinet).  The bedroom had built in cupboards and shelves so I can store everything in there. I bought a large folding table from Officeworks and have sorted all my feathers, flowers and trimmings into clear stackable boxes.  I have bought long cylindrical post tubes to store my sinamay, 20/20 and jinsin in. I have 2 little blankets under the desk for my 2 dogs who love hanging out with me and will sleep for hours underneath there while I am busy!

Sounds like you will have a beautiful new studio to work in!  So sad that you lost the roof to the garden studio, however.

Jay Ann - as it goes in millinery - You WILL know what to do with all the space ;)

wonderful... Thanks for sharing


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