What did you love about The Great Gatsby?

Having now seen "The Great Gatsby" I can understand why everyone is raving about the hats,headwear & costumes.

What did you love about the movie? Which headpiece or hat has left an indelible imprint on your memory?

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I actually recreated the hat I loved the most (as best I could from memory). 
As far as headpieces, my favorite was the Tiffany's piece. When that was onscreen I couldn't concentrate on the dialouge... at all.  LOL

-Maureen (http://www.baublesandwhatnots.com)

My daughter is taking me to see it tomorrow for a belated Mother's Day present, so I will let you know!

I loved the light grey cloche worn by Jordan (golfer) with a piece that has been inserted on one side and draped across under her chin with a jewel brooch trim.  

I actually loved everything about her character especially her style! I will be trying to create some pari cloches this summer.


It was great and ALL the costumes were superb! Inspiring!

Hello Carena,

I just saw  the comment you posted to me regarding my work on

'The Great Gatsby' and  wanted to  say thank you for your kind words...and that I am glad you enjoyed the film...it was a true joy to work on.

How lucky are your 5 daughters to have you make hats for them.!



I enjoyed the film, however the hats were the motivator. All beautiful, the draped felts my favourite. I love this era.

My daughter's took me to see the movie for mother's day.  Loved the hats, my only disappointment was that the camera did not stay on each hat long enough.  I have a few favorites that have inspired me. I was a little disappointed that there weren't very many of the 1920's newsboys with the sectioned crown.  I was hoping to see more like Robert Redford wore in the last Gatsby movie. These hats just appeal to me.  I am making my version for women that I will be posting for fall.  I sent a prototype home with a sister visiting from out of state a day ago. She loved how fun and casual it was.  The little boy look was great on her small face even though she is over 60. She seldom dresses up, so these little hats will be perfect for her laid back, casual lifestyle.


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