So glad you have joined us on Hat Academy! Feel free to share your hat or headpiece creations, join in or start a hatters discussion. Remember online help is a click away.

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I am looking forward to sharing millinery techniques, inspiration and news with you.

Enjoy, Elaine & Team.

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Excited to be here

How much fun is this! I'm looking forward to learning all I can.

Hi Elaine thank you for the warm welcome and looking forward to many more videos and sharing.

Hi Elaine!
I am excited to start making flowers and hats! Enjoying the lessons so far. :)

thanks so much

I got interested cause Sinamay and Abaca is product of my roots

Am glad i found this website i have a lot of time on my hands now that i have completed my studies want to venture into something new just to keep the momentum going

Hi Elaine my name is Reginald Barkley and i have been making Hats for the past 4 months now,so i am at the beginning stages.I live in South Africa i saw a friend making the hats and i got into it. I am actually an IT expert,but have been struggeling to find a job,but i think now i have found my hidden talent that God blessed me with.

I want to start my own Hat shop and need your help, i need to know what are the basic equipment to startup my own sho and also maybe you can give me some advice on how to get funding. My goal is to empower a few ladies in my community that have no jobs and have kids to care of. If i can train at least 5 ladies and change there lifes around i would be happy. But without funding its not that easy.


My email adress is i am really happy to be part of this amazing group

Hi Reginald, Yes Millinery is so creative & so much fun. Beautiful white hat :)  I first learnt in 1964 & set this site up to teach the skills to others & help them set up a Business.                                                                                                                           Before you look at paying for shop space you need to sell hats to customers who return & tell others.  Marketing online through social media will get word out & @ 70yrs of age I need to embrace the digital trend too.                                                                                                                                                                        I have another student in Africa who now employs 2 ladies from her city to do most of hand stitching but she manages the marketing online and on tv, at trade shows etc  and does the actual designing.                                  In your country there must be Govt funding for start up businesses but before you seek an appointment you must have proof of sales and a business plan otherwise it appears as only a dream not a goal. I have walked this way but chose not to set up shop as I preferred to be at home for my 4 children and paid Commercial Public Risk Insurance to cover customers walking into my home. Hope this is helpful Best Wishes, Elaine

my creations

Thanks for the warm welcome, Ill be in touch with my experience very soon!



Am so happy to have joined waiting for the next level


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