So glad you have joined us on Hat Academy! Feel free to share your hat or headpiece creations, join in or start a hatters discussion. Remember online help is a click away.

To begin with Millinery Courses check out the Get Started page for learning with Hat Academy.

• Video lessons are accessed via video streaming, available on all browsers with any modern device.

• Read course descriptions and watch the preview to get an outline on what is taught.

• After course purchase please allow order processing time, you will be notified with lesson access details.

I am looking forward to sharing millinery techniques, inspiration and news with you.

Enjoy, Elaine & Team.

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Love hats

It's really wonderful to hear you speak. I'm happy to be here, to learn and to share. Pls do let me know quickly what your online courses cost, books and all, as I'm really anxious to get started. I'm looking forward to starting  a whole new experience and business, making hats. 

Looking forward over time to be creative and thank you for allowing me to join. regards Janelle


I am new to the Hat Academy, having just found it in a Google search earlier today.  Though I am a great admirer of hats from the traditional to the bizarre and have built a bit of a collection, I've no experience in making them.  My creative/artistic background is in photography, but I've recently found myself drawn more to three dimensional and usable art.  I've looked for face-to-face millinery classes here in the northeastern United States but have not had much luck.  After some online research, I landed here.

So, my question...what is the best place for me to start given that I am still testing the waters as to how far I wish to go?  I want to get some exposure to hat-making but don't necessarily want to invest significant sums of money in materials and equipment until I am sure I will actually use them beyond just a class or two.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.



This is wonderful news Adam that you are wanting to learn millinery skills &  you will love millinery as never ending creativity.
Once you grasp the basic techniques you will venture into your own creativity.
The good news is you receive the lessons instantly when buying one lesson at a time or within 24hrs when buying a Course @ discount rate, as we upload manually. 
We use a streaming system as this is latest technology and allows us to keep pricing low.. (youtube is also a similar form of streaming) 
I have students in Jamaica, Switzerland, US, UK, Kenya + 
You can watch lessons on your iPad or computer as often as you like as no time limit as a HatAcademy member.(log in free) 
This allows you to recap as often as you need to. I am a trained teacher & know how important recapping is.
Below is further info for you to peruse as I often have new students ask what are the requirements to start
In Beginners Course your goal is to make 3 hats using different bindings and different trims.
The product kit has sufficient for these

Watch each Youtube Clip for each lesson & it outlines what is taught

For e.g. Lesson4 teaches binding edges in different ways  ;

You can choose which you want to use on each hat.

The first hats are basic hats with wide or narrow brims to your choice. The crown can be a round dome crown or flat tip crown -turn . The 2 blocks you need are these the full dome crown and cartwheel 18inch with  collar They have a discounted bundle for Hat academy students

Contact info available on the block site. Measure your head over the brow and largest bump at back of head for head size (Av size is 57cm)

We will be offering Achievement Certificates later this year as you fulfil a set criteria.

Grasping the basics in the Beginner Course will make the remainder of lessons so much easier.

Product kit for each level is available here This is Beginners Product Kit for Beginner Course
Chat to me again if you have any questions
Best Wishes, Elaine
Hat Classes Online

Elaine Mergard

0415 587 700
PO Box 245, Beerwah, Qld. 4519 AU

Thank you for the information, Elaine.  I am primarily interested in learning to make men's hats, especially top hats and bowlers.  Are those techniques covered in the courses?  Many of the examples I saw in browsing appear focused on women's hats, so I want to be sure before I purchase a course.  Thanks again.

i have chosen the best there is and that is you dear lady.


So good to be here. I love this academy, never knew i'll find you online

Hi Elaine,

I live in a place with a mobile phone and internet black spot.  Can I download the lessons onto an IPad or laptop and save to use at home?  I am hoping to start with French Flower making :-)



Hi Carole, The lessons are streamed as with Netflix via your email and can not be downloaded. Such a shame as I do have another student in Stanthorpe who is progressing through lessons ok. We need NBN in Australia as in Nigeria or Kenya they readily have access to lessons - lived in Central Qld for years and know how isolated you can be. I set this up to help those in outback Australia so I hope you can find a solution Best Wishes, Elaine  

All my admiration and friendness.

Thank you for the passion and generousity with which you share your skill, dear Elain.

My love!


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