Vintage Millinery Sewing Machines For Sale

Set-up machine - Used to sew in sweat bands in hats.

Straw machine - Used to sew straw braid and ribbon hats.

Wiring machine - For sewing wire in crown and brims.

Welting machine - For welting hats.

All machines are without motors. 

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Sent a few emails over the past week and I'm not sure if you received them.  I sent them to the Yahoo address you listed above.  I am interested in the set up machine.

Thanks for your time.


Hi, I am looking for an attachment to convert my set-up machine into a straw braid machine. Do you have one for sale? Thanks! nora

Dear Swan&Stone,

You emailed me but you need to email Queen E. Settle.  I have tried for weeks now and have gotten no response.

Good luck.


Will follow up for you


HatAcademy team

Hi Swan&Stone, Please accept my apology for the mix-up in getting the messages from you.  Hopefully, this message will reach you.  I am sending a flyer with a picture of the machines, description, function, and cost.  The machines comes without a motor but, there is a company in San Francisco, CA that install motors to those type of machines.  My email address: or telephone number:   510-529-0500.  Thank you in advance for a reply.

Hello i am looking for a sewing straw brides machines. My teacher Ellaine recomend me to contact you. If you could help me with the finding a sewing machine....a really good one i would be glad about it


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