I hope someone can help me!! I bought this straw buntal from Spain and when I opened the box I found the buntal completely stiff as a board!!! To shape it, do I steam/wet it as you would any other buntal? I've already tried one of the buntals pieces but the weave seems to stretch and look wholey!!! Can anyone enlighten me please?????

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Yes buntal mats do have an open weave cf parisisal where straw is so fine. I have noted huge variation with buntal mats and tutors have mentioned it. It is great you have been able to source some as shortage with some suppliers. Chat to supplier about quality. Some mats have loose dye when you start to work with them so use disposable gloves. Such a great medium to work with & I know how disappointed you are. Hoping suppliers can source more of better quality but unless we mention it to them they will not realise it from the milliners perspective.  :)

Thanks Elaine!  I was hoping they would be sort of floppy so i could make freeform pieces but I'll keep trying with them!!


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