Hi all,

Looking through some of the fabulous photos on here and on various websites. I think I have come to the conclusion a model to show of the head piece is best?

At my early stage in y millinery journey I am currently using a polystyrene swan neck, and it looks ok, for now. But depending on costs I think I'm going to use a model. My friend has two lovely daughters who are happy to oblige, (one dark brown hair the other blonde.) I have a  decent SLR camera so will give it a go.

Just wondered any other thoughts on this view? Do you think it looks more 'professional' on model or mannequin? And of course it takes more time with a model? Sorry loads of question ;-)

Kind regards


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LOLOL!!  Always!!  She has her very own wardrobe for modeling my hats now!!!

I will have a human model this summer, for some dresses I'm planning to add to my shop to go with the hats.  Clothing just looks a little stiff on a dress form, but again, Anthropology uses them all the time,and I don't think their sales are hurting!!

Elsie, You have made some wonderful points. I think your mannequin is very suited to your hats. When reading your points, I was reminded of a friend who nearly refuses to buy hats, because she works as a pharmacist and can't stand the idea of trying on hats that someone else has worn.  Anything she buys is washed first.  I can only imagine what she would do to a felt hat. LOL


God bless Irene!!!

Think you are quite right the clothing issue...do you think its because 'our' Stephen can't afford to use real models??? ;-)

Thank you Cynthia!!  And she has REAL eyelashes!!!  

So sorry Susan, but I've lost the train of thought about clothing, and Stephen.  Do you mean Stephen Jones?  If so, I'm quite sure he can afford anything his heart desires!!!  I met him this past September when his show, HATS: An Anthology by Stephen Jones came to Salem, MA at the Peabody-Essex Museum.  It was a huge, and fabulous show!! SOOO inspiring!! It included vintage hats by famous milliners, period hats loaned by the Victoria and Albert Museum, and even hats by SJ's former student, Philip Treacy.  I shamelessly handed him my resume' and  hat calendar of my hats, and made him promise not to forget them on the plane home.  He was lovely--very humble and so sweet!!

Hi Elsie,

Yes I meant Mr Jones... and yes I'm quite sure too he can have what he desires;-)

Oh how wonderful when he came to you! Sounds like you had such fun! I love the vintage hats, such charm and character. Good on you giving him your CV/resume, you never know?????

Oh--I expect nothing at all to come of it!! His first repsonse was, "It's very difficult to get a work visa in England now."  But as you said, you never know, which was my thinking when I handed it to him.  The Universe has an amazing way of suprising us, when we do our part!!!!

Hat calendar?

Hi Cynthia, Yes, my hat calendar.  For the second year, I have self published a hat calendar, which I sell in my Etsy shop.  It's always fun to select the top 13 favorite hats of the previous year, and decide which hat will make the cover.  I don't think I can find the photo of it in my library, so if you'd like to see it, you can at www.orsinimedici1951.etsy.com.  You will find it on the second page.  


Nice!  (calendar)

Thank you Cynthia!! Happy you like it!!!  It is also a nice thank you gift to send to my best repeat customers each year!!

Yes loving the calendar Elsie! Wow..Irene is very popular!


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