Hi All,

I’m based in Ireland, just starting out in Millinery. I did some work experience with a milliner when I was younger and really enjoyed it, I have a BA Hons in Fashion that I finished about 10 years ago (although have not worked in fashion) and have recently taken a few beginners group millinery classes locally. These courses are evening classes of 6-12 hours set over 2-4 weeks. But are not held regularly, and cater for complete beginners, although I’m a newbie I’m quite practical and can hand sew well, so I often find I work at a quicker pace and are waiting for people to catch up.

However, I’m loving millinery and want to study further, I’m thinking it’s a profession I’d love to go into!

The thing is, I can’t seem to find any millinery qualifications available in Ireland. There are plenty of milliners across Ireland who offer classes and 1,3 & 5 day workshops or one-to-one training. There are a few places in Dublin that offer 6 week evening classes but no formal qualifications that I can find. Please let me know if you’re aware of one I’ve missed.

I obviously came across this website whilst looking for courses and love the idea of being able to take the courses at my own convenience. Plus some of the courses on here go into some great specialist areas and will definitely do some of these courses in the future, however, I feel I’d like to learn the basics in person.

I’m originally from the UK and have family there so have also explored some options in the UK. The Kensington & Chelsea College offer several options including City & Guilds and Higher National Certificates, but they are 1-3 days a week over a year so not realistic for me to attend.

The London College of Fashion offers a 2 week intensive course which I’m tempted by, it seems to be the most thorough course I’ve found and it’s compact enough for me to stay in London for that time, plus the London College of Fashion has a good reputation, although there’s no formal qualification attached.

I suppose what I’m asking is, when it comes to Millinery does an actual qualification hold much weight these days? I notice there are a lot of self taught milliners in this forum.

How did you train?

What would you recommend my next course of action be?

Do qualified milliners look down on those who are self taught?

Any advice for a newbie would be appreciated.

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Any help would be appreciated:)


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