How do you get a spot at the Kentucky Derby to sell your hats? Also, how do you get invited to be a vendor at some of the festivities given for the Kentucky Derby? Any information would be helpful.  Thanks a lot.

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Hat sales do not take place at the derby, unless at the derby museum, which has a milliner of its own. Many vendors contract with local hotels, renting rooms for pop-up shops. I have special arrangements to place my hats in a high-end consignment shop and a local shoe store. If you plan to come, please let me know. Room rates are outrageous during derby week and I'm sure I could find you a place to stay at little or no cost.

Thank you Claudia for your willingness to help out another milliner

Cheers, Elaine

Thank you for the information. I will contact hotels there and see if
I can get a spot. If I do I'll contact you.

Thank you a lot for this information. I would love to come and sell my hats, but I don't have any idea of how to gert started or secure a place to sell them.  Any help/information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Sheila, could you send some photos of your work to my email address ( I might be able to make some inquiries and connect you with some shop/boutique owners. Have a great weekend
I sure will.


I just saw this.  I too would love to do that next year if possible. Have been to the Derby twice and looked around at various places. Some hats were good quality in the hotels that I visited and some were not. 

Could use help with this also.


Margie Trembley


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