This exhibition at Somerset House will finish on March 2nd. I visited this exihition at the weekend and it was a treat for the eyes with many of Isabella's hats I had never seen before, videos and films of her including modelling at the gradulation of Phillip Tracy at the RCA, with examples on show of three of them. I once met Isabella Blow very briefly, it was 'When Phillip met Isabella' exhibition at The Design Museum in 2002 when she was showing around a relative. I was star struck but I forced myself to ask for her autograph which she signed on the back of my entrance ticket. I told her that I was a chapeauphile which she liked and appologising for not having her pink pen to sign her name with also 'Long the hat' and two kisses! What lovely memory!
Has anyone else been to see this latest exhibition, if so what was your impression of it?

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