Hello Lovely Millinery people.
I'm in a bit of a pickle and would greatly appreciate some advice/opinion, as to what you would do.

The opportunity has arisen to present a range of millinery in a Summer Fashion show in October. This would be my first proper, public launch, or I should say, 're-launch', into business again after an extended break of nearly four years. (Due to major earthquake in 2011).
Ten years ago I participated in the same show, but with a range of gowns. It cost me approx $2k. Zero work or sales came from it.
This time around, there is a participation fee of $300. My outlay above this should be $200 max, as I have plenty of materials to cover the 20 pieces required.
My business pretty much closed down once the quake hit, so no income. Finances are still tight as we re establish our family back in our rebuilt home.

There are 20 designers & retailers taking part. The show audience is roughly 500 people. Timing is six weeks before our big Cup Day. (The biggest week of the year)
I know the dollar outlay sounds pretty small, just right now it feels huge, but, do I take the risk to invest and potentially repeat zero sales, or take the risk and see what happens?
See, a pickle.

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Ah- Maze-Ing!!!  Wonderful, beautiful work!  Congratulations! 

I have a question about the curved floral headpiece.  How is it anchored to the hair?  Loops for pins or a comb?  Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 


Thanks Marianne, very kind.
The floral blue head piece, the base is buckram that was blocked on a dome and cut down in a kidney/paisleyish shape, cut down the side of the face. It's held onto the head by a wire headband frame and elastic, plus wire comb. It's quite stable as a decent chunk sits on the top of the head.


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