How to make a bridal bird cage veil with the veil removable

How do you make a bird cage veil so that the veil can be removed and just the brooch worn for the reception?  I've made one before but not one that can be easily removed and worn without veiling.

Thanks in advance


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It would depend on the size of the headpiece it may attach too.

 I have made button hole stitch loops on the edge of satin ribbon that I bound the veil into, that you then loop onto a headband and sit under the piece, or grip into the hair under the piece.

Others I have seen use small pieces of (velco) touch and close in places to hold it in place and remove later.

Others may have better ideas than mine.

I have done this before for a friend...she wanted to detach the birdcage veil after the ceremony, so under the base I used sticky velcro dots & the veil was attached to each side using the velcro & attached to the base. My friend said her bridesmaids easily removed the veil for her. May not have looked terribly neat underneath but it worked a treat. I hope tgat makes sense?

I generaly make 2 different accessories:

- one the brooch with a comb or any other attaching system

- the veil, with another comb, that I embelish a little bit, a delicate touch

 And like that they can wear them together, just the veil or just the brooch

I usually make them completely separate. 

It's worth chatting to hair stylists about how they attach pieces for brides, because I was using metal combs & my cousin had her hair done at home, & the stylist started complaining about the type of comb, not realising I had made the veil & headpiece. 

Anyhoo. With a birdcage I make little cotton loops to pin on with an everyday bobby pin or kirby pin(UK). That way it's super easy to remove & usually easy to hide. 

The headpiece with have a comb or alligator clip depending on the style or size. 

With veils, I sew them onto the the elastic loop trim that seamstresses use for buttoning up the back of the dress. They it can just be slipped onto the decorated comb & then taken off just as easily after the ceremony/photos.

cheers Jayne


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