Hi everybody,

I recently mad a hat out of Black Parasisal for a friend and in her feedback she mentioned that the top of the hat went white...I did use stiffener on the hat, perhaps I used too much? Can any one help me with this issue so that I can avoid it in the future?

If needed I can request some photos from her.



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Yes Susan add pic if you can. What type of stiffener did you use? 


sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Here is a picture of the hat. The stiffener I used was the one from Torb and Reiner.

Have you mentioned to T&R ?. They may be able to help.  I know some suppliers dye their own pari rather than import the coloured pari & the dye can be loose. Had a student with blue hands from a pari from another supplier & another with a wishy washy fire engine red. The deeper colours of red, black and ming blue can loose colour for some reason.  Your blocking & trim look perfect. Heathers suggestion sounds good or use Design master spray from supplier or local florist but you would need  to remove trim firstly. Remember to read label and wear gloves & mask as this spray is most toxic of all the chemicals we use. Good thing is it dries quickly and perfect result. :)  

Hi, in UK we sell a water based PVA which is white and needs diluting by about 1 part to 4 or 5 water, if you used this material and did not dilute it enough, the whiteness can come back. We always advise our customers to test an area first before using on the whole item.

I have found that black parasisil is not very colorfast and bleached to a white or gray color with sun exposure.  I spray paint the para with black if it starts to look like its fading or if you are worried about it fading.  In my experience the black painted hat is colorfast and you may choose a matte or shiny paint for the job. Its a pesky extra step but it works!

Okay, thank you so much for that! :)


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