I've got some lovely soft coloured leather that I want to block over a button block. Has anyone worked with leather before who can provide some advice on how to block it? I've tried researching on the web and some sites suggest steaming it (in the same way as a felt hood) but others suggest immersing it in water. I'm worried the water may mark the leather. Grateful for your advice...


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My mother is a seamstress and she has several sewing machines. For leather works, she uses a Tippmann Boss machine, which is extremely strong and punches through even very thick leather. https://www.amazon.com/Tippmann-AR-Leather-Sewing-Machine/dp/B0769D... I think this advanced machine is more for guys who do leather work and not for hobbyists. In addition to Tippmann, she has a Janome MB-4S embroidery machine she is very excited about. All our relatives, my wife, have named clothes: hats, scarfs, handkerchiefs etc. Such unique outfits always become highly-appreciated presents.   


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