Have you ever had a hat, or witnessed, a precious millinery item meet an accident?

I've seen a few go down. Funnily enough, they've mostly involved posteriors. My partner was very clearly advised that the hats were on a particular seat, with three others spare to sit on. At the time he accidentally sat on them, my partner was a very big man; yet the fascinators bounced back with only one receiving a very small crease. Someone else I once knew also sat on a velour fedora, not even leaving a crease.

The worst Oh O I've ever intiated is when I created a very large flat sinamay brim. I'd edged it with wire and a beautiful bias trim, was carrying it. Tripped and dropped it, then trod on it (Mrs Butter Fingers with the best of them at times); so that brim got re-designed into a large fascinator. Creative license. ;)

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You see a lot of oh o's at the races in Ireland on a windy day! Lot's of women, who have bought hats and fascinators that haven't been designed or made properly to attach securely to the head, chasing their crowning glory around the ground!

The worst hat accident was a beautiful hat I made a few years ago for a client when the coolie shape was in style. She wore it to Melbourne Cup. I tried to convince her to have elastic as well as comb but NO. Waiting on rail station after Cup day the train pulls in and swoosh the rush of air caught under the coolie and it landed on the track, totally destroyed.

I made her a small headpiece to match the outfit - with an elastic!! 

A longtime customer called me, frantic to replace her favorite Kabuki Hat, which she lost at a busy intersection in Tokyo......she lost it as she was crossing when a huge bus drove by and created a blast of air that carried it up and away, , and was terrified to go back into traffic to retrieve it.....   She had not sufficiently tightened the ribbon that I put in every hat that I make.  Normally, the ribbon around the crown keeps my hats on very well;   I even wear mine while riding my bicycle.  She wont make that mistake again!    Tracy, kabukihats.com


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