Hello all, 

This quarantine has me on the trail to learn and make my own beaver/rabbit felt hats. I am interested in adding my creative touch to custom made men’s hats like fedora’s, dome shapp3d cowboy hats and boaters. 

I am very interested in the Ian Bennet class on Making Foam Head Blocks but I wanted to be sure this method works for the felt hat method that requires steam, heat and stretching. 

Any insight is greatly appreciated. 


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Yes you can successfully block felts on these foam blocks using correct foam & you get about 30 runs on such a block but cheap way to start off.  Most milliners use it for limited editions or to test a new design & then later send to blockmaker to make in wood. Set a goal to sell a few for the ultimate block set below :) Elaine  http://www.hatblocksaustralia.com.au/open-crowns

Thank you Elaine. I took the class and appreciate what Ian taught. I found the styrofoam today and I am surprised how rigid it actually is. Stay tuned!

Do share results - your on track with huge trend for mens hats :)


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