I am just wondering how you all fix quills to your hats? I tend to sew them on but they always seem a little wobbly! Any advice appreciated :)

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I am with you.  I have always stitched everything, vowing NO GLUE in my hats.  However, I am starting to see that a drop of glue here and there is not a sin, when stitching alone will not do the trick.

The way I have fixed quills is by laying the quill in the place it touches on the hat in two places and bore a small hole through the shaft of the quill. This is where you attach the quill matching the thread colour to the quill and if needed a tiny spot of glue on the stitches . I suppose if the quill is very big it will need more holes in the shaft, this where you need use to your judgement. Good luck and keep stitch Evelyne

Thanks for your replies. What type/brand of glue would you recommend using?  Thanks - Jessica.

Any clear drying glue will do Jessica, PVA works,you can also use clear nail polish too,hopes this helps, Evelyne

I try to make holes in the quill to stitch through, but beware once used a very small crochet hook to do it instead of the awl and managed to embed it in my finger. Was very nearly a trip to hospital, but without fainting did manage to get it out.  lesson learnt and will only use awl from now on .

I have attached them by heating the needle and using this to push through the quill, a few stitches to fasten in a couple of places and a dab of glue. I was taught to use UHU glue on a millinery course as it doesn't discolour/turn yellow over time and its super cheap and easy to use!


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