I search a good method to fix headpieces on metallic headband because when I sew or use glue the headpiece continue to move or the glue stay on headpiece but not on headband...
(Sorry for my bad anglishbut My language is french...)

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Hi Veronique, I do not know of any adhesive that will hold onto metal but my husband uses Araldite glue where you mix 2 components together before you apply- hardware product. He uses it to adhere metal to metal. Maybe someone else has a suggestion if this is not available in Europe. http://www.selleys.com.au/adhesives/household-adhesive/araldite/

You could fine wire each piece on and then hide the wiring on underside with a braid or lace.  Have you considered covering the metal frame with fabric stitching all together on underside and then glue braid over join. There are tubular braids you can thread wire band through then neatly close each end by tucking in and onto wrong side.

Amongst these suggestions I hope you find a solution  -Elaine

Thank you!
I try to check for this glue but in fact I live on DRCONGO not in Belgium ...
But I m sure I find this in Belgium.

Another milliner told me she winds velvet ribbon around her metal bands but you still need to fasten @ base at the inner side. Hope you find the glue.

You need to the we a hot glue gun! C'est une affaire simple ! I'll faut simplement s'assurer que Lê ribbon utilise est bien Fille et serre fermement sur la bands d'alice avant De commencer a career sur cela... J' ai des instructions affiche sur craftsy pour la technique correcte


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