I'm Struggling with getting my felt hats stiff enough. Right now I'm using Hats by Leko hat stiffener. I'm Spraying it on before steaming. Does anyone have any advice.

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I've used PVA but not on felt cones, used it on synthetic felt to block a button, pillbox or small saucer hat which works well. My question is can I use PVA on a felt cone and let it dry and then steam it to block it? TIA.

Check out this previous discussion. https://hatacademy.com/forum/topics/felt-stiffener-and-white-marks Many milliners using the shellac based powder mixed with alcohol as quick drying but no go if using on light coloured felt cones as it has a yellow tinge Lots of other stiffener tips just click on ALL DISCUSSIONS on top left of this page in RED and search under 'Stiffener',  Diana the PVA will stiffen felt cone but as mentioned in this discussion on dark felts leaves white smudge. You can pre stiffen with one coating before blocking and add more stiffener after blocking. A strong steam before blocking any felt is vital. Elaine xx  '


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