My question is this:  I have wondered for a while "when do girls start to seriously wear hats?  Is there a "coming of age thing"?  I have been following millinery in UK, Australia and etc.  and have noticed in photos of hatted ladies ( if there are young teens in the photo )  they are not wearing millinery.

I am not referring to very young little girls....who traditionally wear a hat made out of the same fabric as their wool coat.

If anyone out there has an answer, please tell me.

I am a mannequin head artist, and although I do not make hats...I am an avid follower of the fantastic creations through Hat Academy. By the way...I am for the curious.

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Never too young... by Desiree

We had a custom order for 2 children's dome blocks for a milliner specializing in vintage children's hats.

I have a couple of children's brim blocks in my collection & used them years ago when supplying an exclusive children's clothing store in Melbourne. 

As with most things it depends on the area in which they family lives and sometimes the family themselves.  It can also depend on the socioeconomic dynamics the family is dealing with.  But, who doen't like to see a child in a hat?

Sonlia Fashion of Mareeba, Queensland, Australia are very much into racing fashion and millinery.  They've put up a few pictures recently of children's race wear which matches mum's.   This was on their facebook page today.

I began to seriously wear hats around 14, and have been growing my love for hats since. I think it's fairly common today to wear i.e. fedoras from around 15, though I doubt that they usually can afford handmade hats. I would suspect that large and cheap clothing stores are the suppliers for that age. More custom made hats probably depend on the girl's clothing interest, and financial situations. I think it’s an item you would have to buy using your own savings, I can imagine that it’s hard to push through the argument “But I really need a new hat” to parents today. A shame, really.


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