I'm in the process of creating my first "proper" collection for 2013. I want to write up a 5 year business plan to use it as a tool for planning my millinery career and approaching stockists etc. Does anyone know of any websites where you can download useful template business plans for free? Or do you have an example you could share? I'm finding that most business plans on the web are just not designed for creative industries.

Any advice re business plan content greatly appreciated!


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I would visit your local library for books.  It would be very similar to any other business plan.  Cost vs expected revenue, where will you market, process for production, process for marketing/who is your market, sales goals, revenue goals, where will you obtain supplies, necessary equipment, where will you produce your product, who will produce the product, etc.  When it comes right down to a business plan, it isn't really so different than another business.  I do applaud your effort to write a business plan.  It is a great way to set goals and stay focused.  I have a loose outline, that I am reworking now.

Thanks for the encouragement, Bridget. As you suggested I am tailoring a standard template business plan. I'm finding it quite tricky to do the market analysis and projected revenue sections but haven't given up yet...!

Hi Vivienne

I think that a millinery business is a cross between fashion and art.  I wonder if you have any Arts organisations in your area?  We have a Crafts Council which supports arts businesses and also regional Arts councils for non-metropolitan areas.  Sometimes a chat with the local arts co-ordinator could help?  Also, local commerce associations may also have advice and maybe the Fashion unit of local technical college.  Not sure if this applies to your area, but sometimes a word with the right person can save hours on the net. 

Thats excellent advice, thanks. Unfortunately the UAE is a bit of a craft/ art black hole...! The upside of that however is that there is limited competition out here. I have however identified some organisations back in the UK that I will try and contact.

If you are familiar with etsy.com I would recommend their seller handbook. There are tons of articles and links and pdfs about starting, running and maintaining a business. If you aren't familiar with the site I would encourage you to check it out! It's a community of artists of all kinds and free to set up an account. 

Before I commenced Hat Academy I purchased a CD Business Plan from the Qld Govt ($17.) and completed the 50 page plan but probably not available out side Australia. Check the Govt Page it may be helpful



The Easy Plan CD I used. If you made enquiries as to cost of extra postage overseas they may sell to you.

Thanks for all your help. Im getting there thanks to all these useful links!

I just completed a business plan. Contact the Small Business Administration in your area. They have a templete and advisors who will help you with your plan and financial projections. They are very helpful. Mindy, Princess WOW! Hats

This Business Plan was recommended by a milliner. Even if you do not buy the end product which is listed as US$97. work through the four vital questions especially the one that asks -"What is unique about You?"

You will enjoy the diagramatic presentation and you may find the templates just what you need.

BusinessPlanTemplate.growthink.com    -Elaine

This looks a really good model, Elaine - I'm putting a few ideas together and may invest in it.


Now a free download from Qld Govt. One of best time investments you will make. 



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