Brisbane hang on tightly 'cause there’s a new hot male milliner coming to town! :P

I did it! I have accomplished it. I am so happy and I wanted to share the joy with ya’ all. Yup! What love can do is limitless! I will be traveling to Brisbane, Australia, in March.

Will be hanging around the city. Going to update my studies with some business and management courses, and I will have plenty of time to explore Australia’s millinery industry, shops and whatnots.

So, if you into it hit me up! Maybe we can share some time and experiences. Invite me to runways and if there aren’t, lets create them together!

Now, if you might need these fierce hands to pimp up your designs, or your brand experience, or anything related to your millinery business, then I’m up for it too.

Write to me so we can start to get to know each other in advance. Let’s go for a coffee, or whatever.

Remember that I am used to pamper high-end to lux' clients, so I may represent a good asset for your shop. Hope to see you all around! Until next time.

Oh! and I will be so happy to be able to buy real wooden blocks, to touch them, to pin them! OMG.  And those fancy feathers you work with! No macaw feathers like the ones I am used to in South America tho’. But so many cool stuff you have:

Please do recommend some stores for supplies too!

I am so happy, sharing happiness with all the community! ✵happy stars of joy, see ya' soon

Hasta pronto guap@s!


Thomas M.


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Love this!


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