I'm a seamstress who's never made a hat but I'm getting married in March and I have my heart set on making a wedding hat. My inspiration is from Grace Kelly. This was the headpiece she wore. 





 I could use some advice on what kind of material to use for the base to hold the shape. I think I can figure out how to drape lace around it appropriately. At first I was looking at sinamay because it looked easy to work with, but I'm wondering if buckram will hold the shape better.

Any advice or recommended tutorials would be greatly appreciated :) 

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Hi Patricia, Lesson 17 on Buckram Crowns will be helpful. You will need to improvise a block to create the shape you require. One suggestion is to use modelling clay from a Craft store and allow it to harden. After you have shaped the Buckram you will need to wire it to maintain the shape to hug head before you cover it. Like anything if foundation is not firm the final finish may not result as you want for your special day. Your seamstress skills will enable you to complete it beautifully. Hope this is helpful


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